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Murphy Farm Hay Supply: Always Clean and Fresh!
Murphy Farm Hay Supply:
Always Clean and Fresh!

"Our customers love their animals and we are proud to offer them the best selection of Hay available."

Murphy Farm Hay & Feed always has a wide variety of fresh Hay in stock and our Hay Supply is always guaranteed to be clean and fresh for your animals. With our exclusive partnerships to the North and the West we can serve all your equine needs, including: Alfalfa, Brome, Orchard, Timothy, Mixes and much more!

To supply our customers with a healthy mix of clean and fresh Hay we use our own trucks and drivers who come to us from farmers in New York, Kansas, Kentucky and Virginia. Unlike the heavy clay soils commonly found in North Carolina, our Hay Suppliers are farmers using thick, rich and hardy soils which help us to ensure better nutrients to feed your animals. Because we use our own vehicles to transport our fresh Hay supply we have excellent quality control and we can keep our overhead low to provide great savings to our valued customers.

Plus, we offer our customers a fast and easy Drive Thru Service with our friendly staff on hand to assist you seven days a week. We also offer a complete selection of Nutrena® Feeds and you can also Stop & Shop in our family store for Livestock Supplies and Pet Supplies and much more!

Come visit us today to enjoy excellent pricing and customer service from our knowledgable staff at Murphy Farm Hay & Feed!

We supply our customers with a healthy mix of clean and fresh Hay!

Selecting the Right Hay is Essential!

Alfalfa (Meticago sativa)
Alfalfa Hay usually has the highest feeding value of all common hay crops. Alfalfa is primary used as feed for high-producing dairy cows, because of its high protein content and highly digestible fiber and secondarily for beef cattle, horses, sheep, and goats.

Brome (Bromus)
Brohme Hay, commonly spelled as Brome Hay, is very palatable to horses and useful for sedentary horses. This hay has a high leaf-to-stem ratio and best suits older horses and lightly worked horses, horses kept in stalls and dry lots, and horses who benefit from slow, all-day feeding.

Orchard (Dactylis glomerata)
The sweet taste of Orchard Grass Hay makes it a good addition to your animal’s healthy diet plan. Like other long-strand grass hays, the soft-textured Orchard Grass Hay is high in fiber, low in protein and also supports the health of small herbivores by stimulating digestion, preventing obesity and making mealtime more appealing.

Timothy (Phleum pratense)
Timothy Grass Hay is commonly grown for cattle feed and, in particular, as hay for horses. Timothy is relatively high in fiber, especially when cut late. Timothy is considered a harsh, coarse grass little relished by livestock if cut earlier. It is considered part of the standard mix for grass hay and provides quality nutrition for horses.

Not all horses have the same nutrient needs, so naturally not all horses have the same needs for Hay. Please see Choosing Hay for Horses to get more information!

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